RecArt - Mobile recording studio

Publishing Company

RecArt publishing company has evolved somewhat naturally from RecArt company. Our recording projects include those we can work on from scratch to the final stages. Starting with preliminary talks with the artists regarding the repertoire and the recording venue, through recording sessions and audio editing, designing the album’s graphics, copyright regulations, promotional strategies and cooperation with the media to the distribution of completed records to the shops. We are striving to make our records up to the highest standard at all the stages mentioned. At the same time, the idea is to maintain good contact with and friendly licensing terms for the artists we cooperate with. It is them, in the end, who make the recording and publishing of beautiful music possible.

All the albums published by RecArt publishing company are distributed internationally in phisical and digital (thanks to cooperation with Naxos). The CD's are also offered by the biggest Polish record retail chain, Empik, as well as by over a dozen specialist music shops. 

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  • Sinfonietta Cracovia - Sinfonietta per Sinfonietta
  • Magdalena Tchórzewska, Katarzyna Wasiak - "Hans Gál - Works for Viola and Piano"
  • Filatura di Musica -  Known and unknown canzonas. The Pelplin tablature. Adam Jarzębski.
  • PSALMY - Gomołka | Kochanowski | Drazkov | Straburzynski
  • ClaveDuo - Il teatro del suono
  • Wiesław Suruło, Paweł Solecki, Joanna Solecka, Anna Huszczo - Gusto Non barbaro
  • Pawel Pudlo - Violemi
  • Pawel Pudlo - Elements
  • Minimus Vocal Ensemble - Wacław Reimagined
  • Michał Stanikowski - Spanish Guitar Encores
  • Art Chamber Duo - Grand Duo Brillant
  • Anna Lasota - Essence
  • Deco Ensemble - Liquido
  • Ignacy Jan Paderewski - All Violin and Piano Works
  • Violin Music at the Polish Vasa Court
  • Roman Palester - Chamber Music 1
  • TrombQuartet - "Take Four"
  • Marcin Ostrowski, Katarzyna Kaczorowska - "Violin miniatures"
  • Diverso String Quartet - Polish 20th Century String Quartets
  • Roman Palester - Vocal & instrumental music
  • Wiesław Suruło, Wiesława Pławska - Fantaisie Brillante
  • Marek Nahajowski: Boismortier – Six Suites de Pièces
  • Eugeniusz Morawski - "Pieśni / Songs"
  • Media Vita - Marek Raczyński choral works
  • Trouble Hunting - Somebody Else With A Wrong Dog
  • Karolina Smietana - "Illusion"
  • Piotr Scholz/Poznan Jazz Philcharmonic Orchestra (PJPO) - "Suite The Road"
  • Łukasz Pohl - "Stories/Historie"
  • Consortium Sedinum - "Vitae Pomeranorum – The Lost World of Pomeranian Music Volumen II: Vierdanck, Fischer, Meder, Volckmar - Chamber works"
  • Łukasz Pohl - "About Love, works for piano"
  • Magdalena Pilch, Marek Pilch, Bartosz Kokosza - "Brillante II"
  • Mieczyslaw Weinberg - "Works for Violin and Piano"
  • Grit Ensemble - "Komeda Deconstructed"
  • The Orchestra - Vitae Pomeranorum: The Lost World of Pomeranian Music, Volumen I, Antonio Rosetti - Symphonies
  • LeeMeet Trio - "The First Entrance to the Garden"
  • Tomasz Licak / Radek Wośko Quartet - "Entrails United"
  • Marek Jakubowski Trio - "Patient and Stubborn"
  • Marek Nahajowski: Telemann 12 Fantasias
  • Musicarius - "Incompleta"
  • Marek Jakubowski Trio - "My Own..."
  • La Vita Quartet - "Tango Nuevo by Astor Piazzolla"
  • Michał Stanikowski - "Vienna. Guitar Recital"
  • Flauto Brillante - Magdalena Pilch, Marek Pilch, Bartosz Kokosza
  • Antiquo More - "Antiquo More"
  • Musicarius - Ars Transcribendi